Redshift Climate

ipad1Redshift Climate an innovative way to take control of your Heating and Cooling.

Redshift Climate starts with a simple concept – that in order to save energy, people and machines need to work together. This simple concept is actually a lot harder to achieve than many people might think. Our aim is to empower people to control their heating and cooling needs, but giving a machine the ability to maintain control when people cannot.

We wanted to let people start saving energy with their existing devices, rather than needing them to replace their very expensive devices. When buildings are built from scratched or totally refurbished, a building management system is often installed. But this leaves existing buildings without a solution. Not only that, but even buildings that are being built new or refurbished are often not getting a Building Management System because of the cost. The client has not asked for this and the builder is not installing one. So, we came up with a solution.

We also decided that when designing the product, we felt that it should not only be easy to use, but also easy to install. Our first product is not as easy to install as we would like, but we are working on an upgrade.

The Redshift Climate device is designed to blend in with the room that it is mounted in. Our view of great design is when the hardware blends in with the surroundings so that you forget that it is there. Sure, it is visible if you look for it, but we wanted something that would disappear into the background.

Redshift Climate can do more than just control Air Conditioners. It can actually control just about anything with an Infra-Red Remote Control. There are some devices that it will not work with, but these are few and far between.


Redshift Climate is installed for you on your premises. We do this to make sure that things are working correctly before we leave. Self-install is available under special circumstances, but in our experience this will often take longer than sending in a specialized installer. We would only normally recommend self-install for remote sites where access is rather limited.


Optional Features


Climate Basic Covered

In association with controlling Air Conditioners, our ‘Extreme Edition’ model has a HDMI output that can be used to display content for customers.

Temperature Monitoring

Another optional feature is being able to report back temperatures, either a single air temperature at the controller, or up to 50 on a temperature ‘snake’. This can be useful in areas such as IT infrastructure monitoring and food storage.

Extreme Edition

Our Extreme Edition device is actually an embedded PC running Linux. It can therefore be modified to meet your exacting requirements.


Specific User Cases

We have a page that specifically describes the various ‘Use Cases’ for the product. Several of the more common use cases appear below.


Since the use of the device in schools is a distinct market, we have described how the device may be used in more detail on a separate page.

Hall Rental

The climate product can solve many problems with organizations who do Hall Rental.