Redshift Climate – Hall Rental

climate_filesWith increases in electricity costs, organizations who are renting halls and similar facilities are left with a dilemma. Do they increase their hourly rates in order to take into account the cost of heating and cooling, or do they write the cost off as a business expense.

Redshift Climate has another solution to this – the ability to bill for heating and cooling usage. This splits the cost of renting the facility from the cost of heating and cooling the facility. The way that this would work is that people hiring the hall would be advised of a surcharge for cooling or heating, and it would be their choice to us it or not. This would be a fixed charge per hour, regardless of the actual energy used.

Every month an invoice would be generated giving the times of use and the name of the person who activated the heating or cooling.

The problem of heating being left on overnight will be solved with automated controls. Also, because people are invested financially in the cost of using the resource, it is likely that they will be more diligent with the use of energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.