FAQ – Redshift Climate

faq_buttonInfrastructure and Wireless

Do I really need a WiFi network for Redshift Climate?

The Redshift Climate product is designed to use a WiFi network for communications. If you do not have such a network, there are a number of options. They include:

  • Installing an Access Point for use with Redshift Climate
  • Installing the Wired Ethernet version of Redshift Climate, known as Redshift Climate – Extreme Edition

We believe that the Wireless product will provide superior functionality in the longer term, and therefore we would encourage you to investigate installing a wireless network. We are more than happy to discuss options with you, in order to assist you with coming up with the right solution.

What language is Redshift Climate written in?

The server software is written in Ruby on Rails, with the front end built using Twitter Bootstrap. The installed devices are generally written in ‘C’, but there are exceptions.


How can I save money with Redshift Climate?

The are several ways to save money. They include:

  • Ensuring all heating and cooling units are turned off at the end of the day
  • Enforcing limits on the permitted temperatures
  • Providing staff the tools to control energy usage

How much money will I save each year?

Answering this question is very difficult since every installation is different. What we will say is that used properly, Redshift Climate will help you to save energy, and therefore money without affecting comfort. Savings will vary on building construction, usage patterns and existing energy usage.

I told a friend about Redshift Climate, and they now want it. Can I get a ‘Spotters Fee’?

A Spotters Fee of some type is one thing we are looking at in order to ensure that our customers who refer new customers to us are rewarded. Whilst we are working on this, you should contact us directly if you have a referral.

Smart Phones and Computers

Not all my staff have Smart Phones or Computers. What can I do?

Our system is designed for when people have access to a smart phone or a laptop, and any user interaction will need to take place using one of these tools. We are working on a solution for people without either, but this is likely to be some time away. Regardless, our main market is where people have access to these tools. Even if your staff don’t have access to these tools, you can still get a benefit from the system, with the centralized management functionality.




How do you get the IR codes used for control?

In a small number of cases, this information is provided by the original equipment manufacturers. In the remainder of cases, we record all the IR codes coming out of the remote controls. Yes, this does take a lot of effort, but we have automated this as much as we can. In case you are wondering, yes, this is legal. The Copyright legislation enacted in most countries permits copying for the purposes of interoperability, such as we are doing here. There is also significant case law to back this up internationally.

What if my device is not one you have in your database?

In the early days this will happen a lot. As time goes by, this will become less of an issue. We are still working out all the details, but the simple solution will be for us to borrow your remote control for a few days. Alternately, your installer may be able to record the details of your unit on site, and upload them.

I have two (or more) Air Conditioners in an area that I want to control independently. How can I do that?

Your installer will have a special cable that can be used to control only a particular device. Ask them about it when they come to install your unit. This cable comes as default with Redshift Climate Extreme Edition


Building Management Systems

How is Redshift Climate different from Building Management Systems?

Traditional Building Management Systems are designed to work with centralized infrastructure, and do this job very well. They are not so good when the heating and cooling plant do not have the types of interfaces that work well with industrial control systems. This includes most Split System Air Conditioners, and generally any device controlled with an IR remote control.

Our market is to provide management of these systems that are being missed by the traditional vendors.

Can we interface Redshift Climate to our existing Building Management System?

The short answer is that this is possible, although we are still working on the interfaces. In the future this will be a core functionality. If you require this type of functionality please contact us and we will do our best to meet your requirements.

IT Security

Is the system secure? Can people break into my network using your hardware?

We have designed our systems to make this impossible. We tend to use embedded devices in our customer premises in order to provide additional security. You can read more about Information Security here.

HDMI Video Output

How can I display an image on the output?

By default, the Extreme Edition product can be configured to display either the status of all heating and cooling units, or just the one connected to the device. There is the option for the device to display information from an external website. This is a premium feature which is separately licensed.

The content at the URL that the device is pointed to is responsible for producing all content, and refreshing itself periodically. We will occasionally refresh the screen, but this will be the exception rather than the rule. As the device has limited memory and computing power, care should be taken when generating web pages. We use the Midori web browser, and so all content should be designed to work with it. Flash and Video are not supported under this web browser.

More technical details on the operation of the HDMI output are available on application.


Ideas and Suggestions

I have a great idea for Redshift Climate. Can I tell you about it?

All of us at Redshift Wireless are always trying to improve our products and would love to hear about your ideas to improve the product. Send us an email, and we will see about adding your suggestions.