Redshift Climate – In Detail

windmillsThese first screens show the management from a computer or tablet via a Web Browser. The interface is designed to be mouse or finger driven. The look and feel will change slightly over time as we receive feedback from our users, but the general arrangement is shown below. Also shown below is the actual unit that would be mounted on the wall. It is designed to look as inconspicuous. This was a conscious design decision, as we wanted you to forget that the product is there, and want it to work for you automatically as far as possible.

Functions included in the software include:

  • Live control of temperatures and settings
  • Timer settings
  • Grouping of devices
  • Control of all devices at once
  • Delegation of access





Climate Basic Covered

We are working on implementing other interface languages into the system.


This screen allows you to not only navigate to each of the individual units within your company, but also allows you to see the status of each unit. We are also working on functionality to permit units to be controlled as a group.



On Smart Phones, the User Interface is slimmed down, allowing control without sacrificing the of the system. The interface works on all major smart phone platforms, including iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Since the interface is simply a Web Page that looks like a Phone App, it will probably work on any phone with a Web Browser. And whilst you can use the app by logging in each time, you can also save the page to your home screen to be used as an App, without needing to log in each time!



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