Redshift Climate – HDMI Output

climate_filesWith the Redshift Wireless Extreme Edition product comes a fantastic opportunity. Our wall mounted module has a spare video output that is not being used. This HDMI output can be configured to do something for your business. The device can be configured to either display some important information from the Redshift Wireless Portal, or from another web site.

To display information from another Web Site, simply log into the Portal and configure the URL the particular unit points to. The Web Page at this URL will be displayed on an attached screen. This could be a local weather observation page, or marketing information for your business.

There are some restrictions. The device does not have a keyboard, so any usernames and passwords will need to be embedded in the URL. Also, if you want this page to update periodically, you will need to include code to do this refresh automatically. Since this is a new feature and is still under testing, please talk to us if you require this functionality.