Climate Two for Hotels

climate_filesHotels provide a special case for Energy Management. In hotels, guests are generally only present for a few days, and even if they often return, they are generally assigned to new rooms. This unfortunately provides fewer opportunities for saving energy, but the opportunities are still there. In the future we hope to be able to provide a more comprehensive solution, but we can certainly provide value with our existing products.

Some ways in which savings can be made include:

  • Automatically turning off heating and cooling at Checkout, rather than waiting for the room to be cleaned.
  • Turning Heating and Cooling off at times where guests will be less likely to be in their rooms – for instance 9AM, 12 Noon and 3PM, with the ability to override with the normal remote
  • Automatic climate management in common areas, particularly those that are unused overnight.
  • Remote activation of Heating and Cooling for a period on Check In so that the room is inviting when they get to the room.

Energy saving generally involves determining comparing any energy saving scheme with the impact that this will have on the guests. With careful investigation, guest impact will be minimal with measurable savings. We are able to provide special remote controls that will not work outside the hotel and are common between all rooms reducing the cost even if a remote does get stolen.

Premium establishments that provide an iPad or similar tablet to their guests use can use this device to provide full climate control.

Double bed in the modern interior room