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Redshift Wireless wants you to save money by using our products. We are quickly working to introduce an entire ecosystem of products that can save the planet at the same time as saving you money on your energy usage, all without affecting your level of enjoyment of comfort. We do this by installing automation to make dumb appliances smart. With simple changes, significant savings can be made.

We are still working on our exact product offering, but the products will extend from heating and cooling to pools and hot water.

Redshift Climate: Managing IR Controlled Air Conditioners

What If…

  • You could reduce your greenhouse gas emissions automatically?
  • Reduce your electricity bill by using some appliances after hours?
  • You could know how much it cost to actually use some appliances, and could then use this information to change your usage, and it actually saved you real money?
  • You did not need to leave things on, just so that they would be on when you came home?
  • Your appliances learned about you and adapted to your life?
  • You are skeptical about claims made on a web site about how they will save you money?

air conditioner units in the wall

If you agree with any of these statements, Redshift Wireless has the product for you. Climate One is a product that allows you to do the impossible, and manage the unmanageable. It allows you to control and manage individual Split System Air Conditioners, including placing administrative controls on the units. The product itself is unobtrusive, and is designed to look like it is supposed to be there, even in the most stylish houses and offices.

Climate Basic Covered


Redshift Wireless have two main products at the moment. They are Climate One and Climate Two for Hotels. Climate One is aimed at schools and businesses with five or more Air Conditioners with individual IR controls. Climate Two for Hotels is for hotels and motels with a need to control existing individual air conditioners in rooms, or manage the theft or expensive remote controls.


Rheem-Electric-Optima-250L-411250Redshift Hot Water

Coming Soon! Redshift Hot Water is an innovative product that lets people save money with their Electric Storage Hot Water without affecting their enjoyment of hot baths and showers. Once again, we have added Redshift Wireless technology to the problem of heating water, and come up with innovative solutions to help protect the environment. This product will be ideal for people in medium to high density properties using Electric Storage Hot Water.

Redshift Pools

Swimming pool in a tourist resort Mexico City Mexico

Coming Soon! Our Pools product once released will be a godsend for pool and spa owners who have seen their cost of ownership just rise and rise. Our technology will not only be able to control the energy being used by your pool, but tell you how much it is costing, in real time. With minor changes, we will be able to save most households at least 25% on their energy bills, often quite more.