SoloRedshift Wireless is a new company set up to work with the Internet Of Things. Over the coming months we will be releasing a suite of new products design to help mainly businesses save significant amounts of money on their energy bills. We believe that the best way to save money with energy is to concentrate on the areas of energy consumption that cost the most and go from there. We also believe that the best savings are possible when people are given control of their energy usage, along with feedback.

Redshift Wireless was started by entrepreneur and electrical engineer Darryl Smith in 2013, in order to help people reduce their energy consumption. He realized that the best way to reduce energy consumption was to concentrate on the big ticket items, and go from there. He also worked out that there would always be exceptions; that you could build a successful business concentrating on the needs of 90% of your potential customers with significantly less resources than if you try to meet the needs of 100% of the potential customers.

Why Redshift Wireless?

When we were coming up with a name, we were wanted something that evoked a connectiveness of all things. We wanted to ensure that our name made a statement about who we are and what we are about.

How do you save me Money?

Our philosophy is to help you save money by managing exceptions. That is, we want to give you the tools to manage as much of your energy consumption automatically, and then give you the tools to override these decisions as needed. We recognize that people get lazy about their energy use, and we want to help people do simple things that make a large difference. A business that forgets to turn their heating and cooling off one weekend a month can save more than 5% of their energy costs by using our technology without any other changes.

In a school situation, most classrooms are unoccupied after classes finish for the day, but heating and cooling might not be turned off for hours. We give the tools to the school to turn any heating and cooling off when classes finish, but give teachers the ability to override this if they are staying late until the building is locked up at the end of the day.