This page lists some of the marketing material we have produced. If you need anything specific, ask and we will see what we can do!

air conditioning repair

ClimateBrochureClimate OneOur initial brochure for the Climate One product. Three pages describing who we are and what the product does.Brochure Climate One
ClimateWhite PaperEnergy Savings with Redshift ClimateA White Paper describing the types of savings that are possible with Climate One, and the basis for any savings. This document goes into details describing any of our calculations.Energy Savings
ClimatePresentationRedshift - SavingsA presentation on some of the savings available from the Climate One product.Redshift Savings
ClimateVideoIntroduction to Climate OneA short introduction video into Climate One, showing how it works.[youtube=]
ClimatePresentationRedshift Climate for HotelsAn initial presentation on Redshift Climate for Hotels and MotelsRedshift Climate for Hotels
Climate VideoDemoing Climate OneThis video describes how to demo the Climate One product using a simulated AIr Conditioner. [youtube=]
ClimateVideo Configuring Climate OneThis video describes how to configure Climate One[youtube=]
ClimateDocumentConfiguring Climate OneThis PDF describes how to configure Climate OneConfiguring Climate One
ClimateVideoInstalling Wall Plates in Gyprok/PlasterboardThis video shows how to install wall plates into plasterboard.[
ClimateVideoInstalling mounting blocks onto wallsThis video describes how to install mounting blocks on gyprok or plasterboard walls.[youtube=]

Configuring Units

Rather than using the Spark.IO iPhone App, it is best to use the SmartConfig app from TI. This can be found by searching the App Store. Once you run the App, you will also need to enter a ‘key’. The key to use is ‘sparkdevices2013’. The documentation will be updated in line with this in the next few days.