Redshift Climate in Schools

climate_filesWhen we were designing the Redshift Climate product, we were thinking about how our product would be used. We kept coming back to our experience with schools, and the problems that the schools would be experiencing by installing air conditioners in classrooms. We then thought about the energy consumption, and the impact on school budgets. We realized that schools really had no way of controlling their air conditioners in individual classrooms, and therefore could not control their emissions or costs on a school or district scale. We saw a few major cost and learning impacts on the school

  • Remote Controls that go missing requiring replacements
  • Inappropriate temperature settings – 19C in Summer and 28C in Winter
  • Forgetting to turn units off at night and on weekends
  • No way to automatically pre-cool or pre-heat rooms to achieve the best learning environment at the start of the day

School 1Redshift Climate works with the school administrators and teachers in order to save energy, but not to the detriment of comfort.

School Wide Climate Controls

Redshift Climate allows the administrators to set controls on the settings of hearing and cooling throughout the campus. Classrooms might be limited to cooling to less than 23C, or heating to more than 22C. Classrooms might be set at 24C by default, with the teacher able to cool the classroom to 21C if needed.

Missing Remote Controls

Teachers no longer need to waste time looking for missing remote controls. The remote controls can be kept safely locked away in case of failure, but teachers can now use a laptop of a smart phone to control the temperature in their room as needed.

Turn the Heating and Cooling off when the Children go Home

No longer do you need to send someone to every room to make sure that the air conditioners are turned off every afternoon – the system will do that automatically for you. This alone has the potential to save the installation cost in the first year. But we recognize that teachers sometimes need to stay in their classrooms after class. No problem – they can be given manual control allowing them to work in comfort until they are finished. When done, they can turn the units off, or the system will time out and turn off for them.

Pre-Heating or Pre-Cooling Rooms

School 2Some schools get particularly hot or cold at some times of the year, to the point where learning is compromised until the temperature of the room becomes comfortable. Our advanced software gives the ability to get things started before class starts, either automatically, or at a push of a button.

Reducing Installation Costs

The Redshift Climate product is designed with the budget conscious school in mind. Rather than rely on expensive cabling, the unit can simply be screwed to the wall or ceiling and run for over a year on a single set of batteries. When you do need to replace the batteries, this can be done quickly and the unit will remember all its settings. The unit will work with most Fans, Heaters and Air Conditioners using an Infra-Red Remote Control. If we do not know about your particular unit, we will import it into the system free of charge. The unit connects to the Internet using WiFi further reducing the need for cables.