Author: Darryl Smith

Updated Hardware

As part of our efforts to constantly improve our product offering, Redshift Wireless can now release photos of our next hardware revision. It is available now for new installations.

Prototype Construction

I have just done a quick video showing hand assembling one of our Air Conditioner WiFi Controllers.

Building your own Chocolate Fondue Machine

WARNING: The details listed below can kill you if you are not careful. They can do other things to you too, but killing you is the most extreme. If you do not know what you are doing, get help from

Learnings From HACKAGONG

Last weekend, I participated in my first Hack-A-Thon activity ever, and placed ‘Top 10’ along with a couple of friends. We also were awarded the apparently afterthought prize ‘Most Unexpected Product’ for an Internet Controlled Fondue Machine. As a mid-career

Hack-A-Gong 2014 – Top 10

Redshift Wireless competed at HACKAGONG 2014 at Wollongong Uni on the Weekend. The concept was to work on a product for about 30 hours and see how far you could go with it. What we did was developed what may

An Update On JackGreen Energy

There is somewhat of an update on JackGreen energy in the Canberra Times today, looking at the company and what has happened since they went into liquidation. The main part of the article is looking at any links between those


Here is a sneak peek of the new PCB we are designing. More LED’s and some other hidden features included!

Talk to us at the HACKAGONG meetup – 13 November 2014

I will be at the HACKAGONG meetup at Wollongong Uni on Thursday November 13, starting at 5PM to talk about the Internet of Things, and the Spark Core. I will be there to help people get started with the Internet

Smart Washing Machines

There was an article in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday about a Smart Washing Machine, and how this was a rather dumb idea. Well, to a certain extent it is, but more because the washing machine in question became so

More Unapproved Products…

The following email came to me today from Austalia’s Energy Safety Regulator. Translation – many cheap power boards have plugs that break, sockets that don’t work and plastic that burns. In the last year, Electrical Safety Regulator agencies conducted check