More Unapproved Products…

The following email came to me today from Austalia’s Energy Safety Regulator. Translation – many cheap power boards have plugs that break, sockets that don’t work and plastic that burns. 1331682118

In the last year, Electrical Safety Regulator agencies conducted check testing on a number of different products including Electrical Portable Outlet Devices (EPODS), commonly referred to as power boards. The results from the check testing revealed a number of non-compliances with power boards that needs to be bought to the attention of responsible suppliers.

The major issues identified were non-compliance to strength of contact tests and resistance to flammability tests. These check tests have resulted in notices to prevent sale being issued, discussions on cancelling certificates and discussions with responsible suppliers for recalls of the equipment.

If you are a responsible supplier of power boards you need to ensure all on-going product supplied maintains compliance to Australian safety standards, you are advised to check your product regularly for compliance and have means to identify different production batches/dates or the like.

Responsible suppliers are reminded that it is a legislative requirement for all in-scope electrical equipment you supply to the market to be electrically safe, and meet all relevant electrical safety standards.

Electrical safety regulator check testing of equipment sourced from the marketplace, and action on identified non-compliances, will continue.