Hack-A-Gong 2014 – Top 10

Redshift Wireless competed at HACKAGONG 2014 at Wollongong Uni on the Weekend. The concept was to work on a product for about 30 hours and see how far you could go with it. What we did was developed what may well be the worlds first ‘Internet Controlled Chocolate Fondue Controller’, which was presented with an actual business plan.hackagong Top 10

We were hoping to win the grand prize, but alas, we were only successful in winning the prize for ‘Most Unlikely Project at HACKAGONG’, with the prize of an amazingly large beach ball, which by all accounts won the ‘Most Unlikely Prize’ prize. There was actually a business case for the Fondue, but we will leave that for another day.



Below are me presenting my pitch as a ‘Top 10’ finalist, and below that, some volunteers helping me deflate my ‘Most Unexpected Product’ beach ball prize so I could take it home!


Courtesy Mostafa Photography

As you can see, deflating the ball was a challenge – and was probably harder than actually competing in the event.

Courtesy Mostafa Photography

Next year I hope to compete again, provided we can find something as fun as ‘Internet Powered Chocolate Fondue’. We will see!