What Are Our Plans? – A Business Plan for our Customers

When starting a company, people start looking at their markets. There are a number of ways to look at this. One way is to look at the market, and see what is out there, and how it can be done better. Or cheaper. Or faster. Or more efficiently. This works, and can work fairly well. But that is not how we look at the world. We have a different view.

Our view is ‘How can we help our customers save money’.

In our view, helping a customer save $10 a year by using more energy efficient light-globes is nice, but it really does not have the impact. Many people spend this much on coffee in a couple of days. Our aims are higher. Our philosophy is to look at where our customers are spending money, and to see if we can help them spend less. We believe that if we put the customer first, they will come to us wanting to buy our products. Our products may not pay for themselves in the first quarterly electricity bill they get, but it should pay for itself in the first three or four.