Month: October 2014

More Unapproved Products…

The following email came to me today from Austalia’s Energy Safety Regulator. Translation – many cheap power boards have plugs that break, sockets that don’t work and plastic that burns. In the last year, Electrical Safety Regulator agencies conducted check

How Not To Do Emissions Trading

I was reading a paper about emissions trading in Thailand recently, and noted that the preferred option for an Emissions Trading Scheme is based on equivalent tonnage of oil energy output rather than equivalent emission of Green House Gasses. In

Competing at HACKAGONG

Redshift Wireless have decided to enter into the HACKAGONG weekend product development competition in Wollongong on November 29-30. The idea is that you go into the event with basically nothing on the Saturday morning and come out with a working

Google Nest For The Rest Of Us

There is a product from Google called the Nest Controller. This might be a great product, but it has a number of issues. These issues means that it is ideal for Google, but it also allows companies like Redshift Wireless

Open Fires Banned In Auckland, New Zealand

There is an interesting article in this weeks New Zealand Herald talking about how inefficient open fires are going to be banned in Auckland. As someone involved with helping people save money and clean up the environment, I think this

Off Topic Thursday – The Amp Hour

Over the past few weeks I have been listening to a rather interesting Podcast on the Electronics industry, called The Amp Hour – Keeping Current. It is put together by Dave Jones from the EEVblog here in Sydney Australia, and

Price Manipulation in the Australian Electricity Market

The Sydney Morning Herald has an article about manipulation of prices within the electricity industry. The exact details are rather hard to understand, but from what I can determine, data was manipulated to justify the maximum possible price rises to

A Suspect Solar Portal

I have been working with one of my clients on Solar Power, and as part of this looked at their Solar Portal in order to verify the data. This data came from an Aurora Solar Inverter, which has been purchased

Is Your Business Hot And Cold?

It has been said that many Air Conditioners and Heaters have two settings – Too Hot and Too Cold. For some reason it seems impossible to please everyone in business with the right temperature. There seem to be three reasons

Off Topic Thursday – Cool Photo

This is a photo I took during the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. It shows the video link from a helicopter camera hovering over the Olympic Stadium. If you look at the TV screen you can actually see the