Month: August 2014

WiFi is all around…

As a favor for a friend, I manage his work’s WiFi Network. This is a network that we have probably gone a bit overboard on, but now has 15 Access Points in four buildings, across three sites in two towns.

Redshift Wireless Quick Start Guide…

As you might be aware, I have recently set up a company called Redshift Wireless. The idea for the first product is to cloud control almost any IR controllable Air Conditioner as a way to save energy. Whilst existing manufacturers

Balloons of CO2

I was at a meeting recently talking about marketing for Redshift Wireless, and our Cloud Controlled Air Conditioner Controller that helps people predominantly businesses and schools money on their heating and cooling. The person had seen the material around that

Unattended Heating

I was going to post this entry a few hours before, but when I started writing it, I saw a solution to the problem, and then spent some time solving the problem rather than talking about it. Yesterday I was

Do You Know Where The Power Goes?

Simple Question – you might think that your electricity bill is high, but where does that every go? I mean, in a house it is split between cooking and computers, lighting, hot water and more. In a business there might

Saving Energy On Air Conditioners Through Small Changes

Here in Sydney, Australia, we have a concept called a ‘Razor Gang‘. The concept is named after attacks in Sydney in the 1920’s, but in this case relates to reducing Government spending. The idea is that a Government would take

Remotely Controlling Any Air Conditioner

Redshift Wireless has an interesting value preposition. We can remotely control almost any Air Conditioner or Heater on the market with an IR Remote Control. And because we can remotely control the device, we can implement strategies that will save

Prototype Artwork for Climate Two

Here is some exclusive content for the Blog that is not being posted to Social Media. It is the sample artwork for the Climate Two product for Hotels. This is the artwork that would be attached to the front of

Saving Energy in Schools

Is reducing energy consumption in schools possible, or is it simply ‘Too Hard’? Thanks to Redshift Wireless, significantly reducing the energy consumption within schools is not only possible, it is easy, and can be automated. Based in Sydney, Australia, Redshift

Searching For Sales

For the last 18 months I have been spending most of my time working on a product to help businesses and schools to save money by controlling their Air Conditioners. The device works by controlling mostly Split System A/C units