Month: July 2014

Air Conditioner Management for Hotels and Motels

One of the challenges for Hotels and Motels is managing their energy consumption. Lighting can be managed through energy efficient light globes. Hot Water and Climate Control are the other two areas that are big for energy use. Right now,

Carbon Accounting and Tasmania – CO2 Emissions Skyrocket

A few days ago I published a post concerning the National Greenhouse Accounts Factors for the year to July 2014. I know most people will not get past page two of this 84 page document, which is a shame, since

National Greenhouse Accounts Factors 2014

I know that everyone has been waiting for this following the Australian Federal Budget… The 2014 National Greenhouse Accounts Factors. It is one of those documents that generally people in the Energy industry do not read, even if they are

Environment in Schools

I am not saying that Air Conditioners in schools are a bad thing – and part of the Business Model of Redshift Wireless is to provide intelligent Air Conditioner management solutions for Schools, but that things can be done better.

Can Schools Be Green

For all the hype, can schools actually be Green? To be clear, I am talking about education up to the age of about 18 or so, ignoring tertiary education.  I mean, often you will find a program within the school

Configuring Climate One

I have just done a  quick video on how to configure Climate One [youtube=]

WiFi Everywhere

I was recently asked to look at the WiFi network at a friends work, and give him a hand moving the server software to a new computer. In the process we upgraded the firmware on all the access points, and

Unrealistic Startup Growth Figures

Check out the following graph that has been found here on LinkedIn, and see what you think it means. As an Engineer, I could write a book on the issues I have with this drawing. One of the challenges that

Installation Kits

Below this post you will find a photo of the items that go into one of our products. I have not yet counted the number of parts going into the product, but there are quite a few. The reason for

Ordering from Suppliers

Here is the situation. Some suppliers offer free shipping over a certain amount. One of our regular suppliers does this, but the free shipping can be notoriously slow, taking several weeks to arrive. Wherever possible, and where financially prudent, I