Month: June 2014

Production Boards

The first batch of production boards of the WiFi Cloud Based Air Conditioner Controller arrived on Friday. I did a lot of hand soldering on Friday, and I am happy to say that the boards not only work, but they

Unsafe Electrical Goods

There is a story in the Sydney Morning Herald today about how a woman has died apparently as a result of a faulty USB charger purchased in here in Sydney. A photo of some of the chargers, possibly of the

Heating and Cooling in Schools

There seems to be little argument against the fact that the best learning environment for children is when they are in an environment where they are comfortable. Educators and parents seem to agree that learning outcomes are improved if the

Our New Product

Do you want to know what our new product actually looks like? Well, check this out. Imagine this mounted on the wall of an office or school. People would ignore it, and that is what we are wanting. Sometimes the

Business Cards

Some great news… Our new business cards have arrived! Yay!

Circuit Boards Shipped!

Great news. The circuits boards for our new product have just shipped. With any luck the boards will be here at the beginning of next week. Time to put in the order for the parts to populate the board. Thankfully,

If it is worth doing…

A friend of mine conveyed a piece of advice that they had heard from somewhere. I am actually not even sure where they heard the advice. And the advice struck me, and him, as something that is both really obvious,

Ready or Not!

It has been a while since we updated the blog. In the time during posts we have been working hard on our products, and I am happy to say that the release of the first product is imminent. We now