Month: May 2013

CeBit Computer Show

During this week I visited the CeBit computer show in Sydney, looking for possible competition, and possible technology providers. There was some fantastic news. Not only was there zero competition for the core business of Redshift Wireless, but I got

Great Progress

I had some great demos of the back end during the week, and it blew my mind. I don’t mind saying that the work blew my mind. Showing it to a colleague, he was blown away, and realized that this

Actual Hardware

  The Printed Circuit Boards I was waiting on arrived today. I have now made up an initial batch, and have more PCB’s arriving in a week, if needed!    

An Early Morning Ritual

Every morning I have a ritual. At the moment this ritual involves me going through the task list item by item, wondering what items might actually get delivered today. Or tomorrow. or next week. I know that some of the

Saving Heating and Cooling Costs

As the Southern Hemisphere prepares for Winter, articles are starting to appear about how to save money on your heating bill. One from the Sydney Morning Herald suggests that one great way is to adjust the thermostat, with every 1

Printed Circuit Boards

Some news. I have been waiting on two Printed Circuit Boards (or PCB’s) for ages. It is scary how long I have been waiting. Well, one of them arrived in this mornings email. This is what I call absolutely brilliant.

Reducing Air Conditioner Running Costs

Let’s be realistic. Electricity has never been free. Initially, it was sold as a service, and then electricity meters were introduced so that people would be charged for what they used. Well, actually, a facility charge, and a charge for

Air Conditioner Energy Consumption

The Energy Consumption or Power Usage of Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps is difficult to determine without detailed investigations. There are so many things that change how much energy a unit will consume: Temperature and Humidity – Indoor and Outside

Contract Signed

I have just signed the contract for continued development of the server software. This had stalled when the programmer that was working on this had some issues which meant he was unable to continue. After a few days work on

Changing Coders

Redshift Wireless hit a minor speed bump yesterday where we came to the conclusion that we needed to change the programmer working on our back end. This was not because they did not do good work, but because the circumstances