Month: April 2013

Buggy Drivers

So, I have been working on our product, working to get WiFi running. We were working with provisional WiFi hardware, and have just received the stock of the final WiFi hardware. This was an OURLINK WiFi USB WiFi Adapter. The

Disorganized Data

I don’t think I have talked about this already – I had a major issue with doing the initial design of our flagship product. You see, each of the devices we were interfacing to had different capabilities, and it seemed

WordPress Updated

One of the tasks today was to update this website so that it is maintainable over the longer term. When we got the web site design done, the designers gave us the look that we wanted. However, they modified the

Redshift Climate Early Release

The Redshift Climate pages have just gone live. Redshift Climate is the first product from startup energy manager Redshift Wireless. The Redshift Climate product is designed to help mainly businesses manage their heating and cooling requirements when the heating and

Preparing for our Product Release

Right now we are preparing for the release of our first product. This involves getting all the pages about the products written so that we can put them online. Of course, when the product is released, things will not be

Information Gathering

We are now definitely into the information gathering part of our project. So, rather than come out and release exactly what this is all about right now, I am going to post an image of some of the data that

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 things about Darryl Smith

Make Magazine has a series of interview questions called ‘5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Things About’, which asks a number of questions, and aims to give some insight into the interviewee. Since they have not yet asked me to be

Case Arrived

Some great news. We got the prototype case for our first product in the mail today. The image is shown on the right side. I have posted this photo before, but it really does look this good. The case also

PCB Production

I have just heard from the PCB company. The PCB’s for our first product are built, and are about to be shipped. This means that it is about time to do some shopping. The first batch of PCB’s ended up

Google It…

I am presently working on sourcing components for our first product. This is an interesting example in how people either cannot use Google, or choose the convenience of a single trusted supplier over multiple suppliers. In one case I found