Month: March 2013

Automating Tasks with Software

Right now I am developing a piece of software that will automate some important data collection for the future of Redshift Wireless. It is a task that I have done before, and a task that I will need to do

Making Installs Easy

One of the challenges of installing hardware and software for a client is getting any of the information that you will need at the time of installation from them. Some companies have certain policies that have the potential to delay,

Cool Photo

I have to admit that I found this photo on the Internet. Unfortunately CO2 is invisible, so the sign is actually made from particulates. Still, it is a cool Photoshop image.

Bank Account and ABN

Some great news about the business. First bit of good news is that Redshift Wireless has now been issued with an Australian Business Number, or ABN. This means that we are now fully registered with the Tax Office and are

Developing Software

When developing software, it is vitally important to use the right tools. After all, if you choose an inappropriate one, not only will the costs of implementation be higher than they could have been, so will the support costs. For

Teaser – Web Portal

Development of the Redshift Wireless systems are well underway. An example of the login screen appears to the right. The actual login page, with underlying application will be available soon. Check back periodically, or send us an email to be

Reuse Old or Buy New…

In the last few years the Australian Governments had a program where they would give you money to convert your existing hot water heaters to one that was predominantly solar, or running as a heat pump. I got a quote

Cancelling A Programming Contract

We recently had to cancel a contract we had with a programmer to produce some software. Unfortunately the person was just not working out. When employing a contractor is that they will generally be their most communicative at the start.

Flu Shots

Last week I had my annual Flu Shot, as it is now Autumn in this part of the world. Like most people I do not particularly like being sick. The injection was mostly harmless, and was actually free. Monday I

Bank Accounts

Starting a new business can be challenging, but often it is the areas that you are not expecting to have problems with that cause the most issues. Opening a bank account is one of these areas. It is hard to