Month: February 2013


One of the important products that I have started using in the process of starting this business is Evernote. This is one of those applications that you really do not know you need until you start using it. Think of

How much CO2 am I producing?

Regardless of if you believe in Climate Change or not, there is one thing for certain. The generation of electricity has a CO2 output one way or another. If it is not during the generation by burning coal, it is

What is Our Core Business

Sometimes you need to ask yourself what the core business of a company is. Think about the business of Men’s Razors. Is the core business the razors or the blades. Or with inkjet printers, what is the core business? Is

The Riddle of Appliance Energy Consumption

When we look at the energy consumption of appliances and other devices, one thing that strikes me is that you cannot determine the amount of energy an appliance is likely to use, nor the ability to save energy by using

An Internet Of Things

In the history of the Internet, and the ‘C’ Programming Language, the humble toaster has been used as an unusual example of a device that might be connected to the Internet. In the ‘C’ Programming Language, the decision was made

Why Internet Control makes sense.

The photo attached to this post shows why Internet Control is starting to make sense. I took this photo about five hours drive from Sydney, in what could be called the Australian Bush. The farmhouse is getting close to 100

Electricity Retailers and Hiding Prices

Yesterday in the blog, I described how Energy Australia was making it hard to find out the price of their electricity, and appeared to be deliberately hiding the actual price, concentrating on the savings if you went onto a contract.

Power System Upgrades

I thought people might want to see the details of a photo I took one Sunday a couple of years back. It is of a crew upgrading the electrical system in the community that I live in. From what I

Electricity Prices

If you start talking to people about their electricity costs, the first question that really comes to mind is how much the electricity costs. As a former employee of the state electricity generator Pacific Power, I have a fairly good


When we were getting the logo designed for Redshift Wireless, we wanted to copy an idea I first remember seeing back in my days working at Pacific Power, the then new name for the Electricity Commission of NSW. They had